We so enjoyed our time with our Virginia friends! Enjoy the photos and please send us a note with your best thoughts and favourite memories. Stay tuned to We Make History Virginia. We'll be back again soon...

Springtime in Virginia.

The scented dogwoods are blooming, the Cardinals create flashes of vivid red among the greenery and Magnolia Grandiflora makes herself known in grand and royal splendour on the eve of Mothers' Day.

In magnificent hoopskirts and flowing gowns the ladies arrive, escorted by upright gentlemen suited or uniformed for the special occasion. From inside waft the merry strains of the fiddle and the warming sound of laughter and cheer.

A friendly voice shouts happy encouragement, "It is time for the Grand Magnolia Ball to commence!"

We Make History proudly presented The Grand Magnolia Ball, a wholesome and enjoyable evening of families enjoying history together through the dance, music, manners and fashions of bygone days. Be transported to a time of gallantry, when "lady" and "gentleman" were not mere words but a way of life, when respect and honour were taught and expected from early youth and when even entertainment tended toward the building of upright character.























































































Notes from the Old Dominion

Dear friends,
We certainly enjoyed your company at the recent Grand Magnolia Ball.
How wonderful to once again meet "old acquaintances" who have become a regular part of We Make History Virginia while greeting and meeting "first timers" as well.
It was a fine evening indeed and your many smiles and warm comments gave the night a special glow.
We are very encouraged by the growth of We Make History Virginia as more and more families discover the rewards to be had in participating in our social and living history activities. Ball attendance grows with each passing event. A number of families have now become involved in family friendly reenacting with us as well, some of whom participated with us at the Battle of New Market.
The mission of family friendly, multigenerational educational and social activities with a focus on history and positive use of the arts continues!
Our hope is to return this Fall, perhaps in October, and we will certainly keep our friends updated.
Your prayers and support are much appreciated.
I remain
your humble servant
in a noble cause.
"Col. Scott"
We Make History


To Lord Scott

Dear Sir,

My daughters and I had a wonderful time at the Grand Magnolia Ball last night.  I have never seen my girls have so much fun, and want to thank you for choosing Purcellville again as the location for your Virginia Grand Magnolia Ball.  The music was wonderful, the refreshments an improvement upon last year, and the dancing was excellent, both for participants and observers.  We appreciate the family atmosphere, the gentlemanly and ladylike behavior that is encouraged, and the history that you share.

The daughter of a friend of mine (RW) was so excited about the ball that she saved her money to buy a dress and then recruited many of her friends to attend as well, and she helped them find dresses.  I mention this so that you know where to give the credit for the attendance of so many lovely young ladies!  Perhaps as an incentive to greater attendance among this community, you might consider offering a free ticket to anyone who arranges for a large party of friends to attend?  I know many young people would have liked to attend but can't afford the price.

(Note: We offered a low group rate for this Ball and intend to do so in the future as well!)

It was mentioned to me by several people last night that you may be doing a Regency ball on your next trip.  We are Jane Austen fans and hope that this treat will be offered soon.

Thank you again for bringing your family and friends to Virginia.  I pray for traveling mercies for all of you and look forward to your next visit to this area.

Yours truly,



We had a great time. Please come again



We had a wonderful time with you all and look forward to participating again.

Thank you. 

In His Service & For His Glory!


















































































































































































































































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